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Wind Chime, Chinese Coin, 8 Tube chimes

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This chime is composed of eight (a lucky number) bell tube chimes in ascending size and note. At the center is a wooden clapper attached to sail to capture the energies of the wind. Surrounding the coin is a wooden circle. All wood has been stained a beautiful golden green hue. -Chinese coins are essential ingredients in the practice of Feng Shui. The coin is the most potent symbol of wealth. The outer circle represents heaven while the inner square represents Earth. When used by humans they represent the cosmic trinity of luck; Heaven, Earth, Man. The royal phoenix and imperial dragon combo pictured on one side of the coin are one of the most important celestial animal combinations in Feng Shui. This harmonious combination represents Yin (phoenix) and Yang (dragon). The dragon / phoenix coin invites love, marital happiness and passion. It is also the perfect item for a bachelor or bachelorette. This animal combo is frequently found in restaurants, bedrooms of the newlywed or anywhere there is a unity or joint venture of two parties. When used on a wind chime it is ideal to be used outside the front door. -Wind chimes have long been used, since ancient culture, to protect the inhabitants of a home. Tones have a healing effect on our bodies, calm our minds and awaken our spirits. The resonance and vibration of sound releases stress and emotional blockages in the body. The calming of mind expands conscious awareness and connection with spirit. Wind chimes thereby help enhance the mind/body/spirit connection bringing us a sense of peace and well being.